The real truth about sugar

Sugar toothbrush.jpg

At a young age, children are taught to believe that sugar will rot your teeth out. The real science behind this theory is that the mouth is full of hundreds of bacteria strands (don’t be alarmed), the harmful ones feed on the sugars you eat creating acids that destroy tooth enamel… so the real enemy here are acids. Something that most people don’t know is that there are many other foods that are just as harmful as sugar, if not more. The starches in carbs like crackers, chips, and bread naturally cling in-between teeth making it really easy for bacteria to attack.

How to protect your teeth from acids

  • You should be regularly flossing and drinking water to clear out the food particles before they breakdown into acids.

  • Brush regularly

  • Use a tongue cleaner

  • Use a straw, sip, don’t swoosh

Stop the fizzy water addiction

Although most sparkling water doesn’t contain any sugars, the carbonic acid (the bubbles) can gradually wear away tooth enamel.

*Just Remember*

The key to life is balance and moderation, the best way to protect your teeth is practicing a regular dental hygiene routine.

Holly Cloutier